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Natural leather rugs, leather with sisal, wool...

- Natural leather carpets.
- Cowhide carpets with fur.
- Gazelle leather carpets.
- Leather and woolen carpets.
- Leather and Sisal carpets.
- Full leather carpets.
- Patchwork carpets in leather and cowhide.

The best prices in leather carpets in Spain. Directamente de fábrica.

Leather and cowhide carpets, natural 100%. Shop online
Pieles enteras de vaca, gacela, toro... Leather and cowhide carpets, natural 100%. Shop online

      The best prices in natural leather and cowhide carpet!!.

   If the human being, for thousands of years, couldn’t find a better material than leather to protect themselves against weather, as well as to dress up, we must guess that they would have a good reason for that. We can also apply that reason to protect and decorate our habitat.

Our natural cowhide carpets are that resistant because their specific tanned based on natural essences is unique in the market. It has been created in order to give that hardness and naturalness which characterize our carpets.

In "" we show you our leather carpets catalogue, where you can find: natural leather carpets, gazelle’s natural leather and cowhide carpets, woolen and sisal carpets with borders in natural leather, patchwork carpets…direct sale and factory prices.
High standard carpets, all of them made in Spain.

See the catalogue - natural leather carpets made in Spain.

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